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13-10-2019 Aanval op Noord-Syrie

Van onze samenwerkende organisatie in Noord-Syrie hebben we rapport ontvangen over 191.069 binnenlands ontheemden mensen (IDP).
Verder geven ze aan dat in het hele gebied van Hassake, vanwege aanvallen op waterstations, gebrek is aan het water voor meer dan 500.000 mensen. Dit heeft ook gevolgen voor ziekenhuizen in de regio.

Als Stichting Help Kobane blijven we in contact met onze locale partners en zullen ze zo gauw mogelijk proberen te ondersteunen in hulp die nodig is.

Als bijlage kunt u het gehele rapport lezen. LET WEL OP, is niet geschikt voor mensen onder de 18.

Lees hier het volledige rapport: 9th to 12th of october 4th updated report docx


School Bus for Kobanê
Education is one of the most important factors in a child’s development. In Kobanê, children living in the camps outside the city must often walk kilometers to the nearest school. When the weather turns extreme – both in summer and winter – it becomes nearly impossible for many young students to make it to school. But, with a little help from a lot of friends, attending school is no longer a problem!

Stichting Help Kobanê delivered a newly remodeled school bus to Miss Muna’s Preschool in Kobanê, increasing the number of children able to attend school from 150 to 500. A huge thank you to all of our partners and to all who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign!  We raised almost € 100.000, enough to not only provide the school with a bus but also packages including school bags, notebooks, pens and pencils, toys, sweaters, socks, and workbooks! Check out the children trying out the bus below, decorated with the names of some of our amazing donors!

Music and Dance
The arts are an important part of every child’s education, and the children of Kobanê should not be left out! Stichting Help Kobanê has provided a school in Kobanê with musical instruments, including guitars, drums, traditional Syrian ouds, tambourines, and more. We hope to hear the beautiful music they create someday soon!

Water and Air
Basic sanitation and a comfortable environment are essential parts of a successful educational experience. In a Kobanê preschool, children now have brand new water coolers, replacing the old bucket system, as well as large new fans to keep classes cool when temperatures rise. Stichting Help Kobanê is thrilled to see the kids running around happy and well-hydrated and ready to learn! This fashionable fellow looks pleased as well!

Future Projects

Pages of Hope
Stichting Help Kobanê is launching a new project focused on education and literature! Our aim is to provide children and young adults in Rojava with educational and recreational literature in minority languages in order to boost literacy and fluency in languages that have until very recently been harshly suppressed. We will also be providing budding authors and illustrators with small grants to create new works of literature and art which we will then help them share with the world.  Stay tuned to see what new pages we can turn!

Women’s Health Clinic
Rojava is a region surrounded by conflict and the ongoing economic embargo makes daily life extremely difficult. With the majority of resources going to the front lines in the fight against ISIS, civilians often go without to support the revolution. The lack of medicine and medical facilities is particularly dire and has disproportionately affected women. Therefore, we are launching a new project to build mobile health clinics focused on women’s health,that will be able to reach a large percentage of the female civilian population of Rojava for basic care such as pregnancy needs, vaccinations for babies and young children, basic checkups, general and preventative care, and education.

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